A quiet day

This is a entry from my Journal written when Mercury was in retrograde and I was suffering from Insomnia. These two circumstances created a surreal experience for me:

As I drifted down the street subdued by last night’s insomnia. I was taken aback by quietness. It was not the silence where I heard nothing. But outside there was this kind of quietness where I could heard the sounds that are normally forgotten. There was no big noises like noisy children or the collected buzz of traffic. It was a day of soft sounds: leaves rusting, the roar of a car engine and a single dog’s barks. I thought I would float through the day in a fog of my sleepiness. But instead of obliviousness, ironically, my senses were on high alert. I noticed the unnoticeable like little squirrel scamping up the tree branch. Time slowed, or things seemed to slowed down. The walk seem to last forever like time swirling around itself repeating the moments. I pulled out my cell, to check the time, I wasn’t running behind. But I felt like I was late. Yet, I felt like I had all the time in the world. My eyes were wide open, searching the world as if its mysteries were new. The sound of a siren roared through the air, threatening to end this serenity. Yet somehow, the escalating sound waves had a lullaby essence today and fit right in when the calmness of today. I continued to walked though the twisted slowness of time and found my weird awareness frightening. My mind was clear of thoughts except for the song of yesterday trapped in my mind. Seasons of love, just the first line repeating over and over in my memory.


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