Enlighten Sexists?

The Lord Buddha is quoted as saying,” Because the ordination of women has occurred in this religion of the Tathagata, the holy life will not last long; the True Dharma will last for only 500 years“.
Gandhi whose public views supported equality compares the useless English Parliament to ” a sterile woman” in the Critique of modern civilization.
I’m not slamming these great men. After all, we can’t be sure how they honestly felt about women. But it has me wondering; can a person be enlighten and have sexist views? There are still Buddhists out there who believe a woman must work to be reincarnated into a man in the next life. Strange, since enlightenment 101 is letting go of the idea of dualism ( the I and the other). How can you be awaken if you see man and woman as being so different that one is considered inferior to the other.
We can argue that Buddha’s comments were due to the time he lived and that modern sexist gurus are a product of their culture. But really, what is the use of meditation if it doesn’t free you from traps like cultural conditioning ( Enlightenment 201).

In the Buddha’s defense here is an article arguing that he was not sexist:


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