Starhawk 9/11 message of peace

On The Washingtion Post’s “On faith” Blog, Pagan writer Starhawk writes about the tragedy of 911 and urges Americans to become “peacemakers”.

“If we treat each human being as if she or he might be Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or Gaia herself, if we cherish that spark of creativity and compassion in all, then we might create a world in which we see our differences as facets of the jewel of truth—something to delight in and cherish, not a reason to divide ourselves and destroy. If we strive for a world based on justice for all—not just those we agree with, but all—we will diminish the causes for hate and despair that lead to acts of violence. And I’d like to remind all of us, here in the U.S., that if we respond to violence with violence, if we use our own grief and wounds and fear as an excuse to unleash the horrors of war on others, if we are complacent about sacrificing the innocent civilians of other nations in payment for our own, then we have abandoned the moral high ground. If we let fear open our ears to lies, if we stop questioning and seeking truth and demanding accountability from those in power, we contribute to horrific acts of death and destruction. Retaliation and revenge have a grim logic of their own, that can never be satisfied by more of the same…”Read full article

On a side note, I want to say how delighted I am that The Washington Post has a Pagan panelist because so often the Pagan perspective is ignored by the media when covering faith-based topics.

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