…And Now introducing Jerry, The SG


Spirit guide“ is a term used by the Western tradition of Spiritualist Churches, mediums, and psychics to describe an entity that remains a disincarnate spirit in order to act as a spiritual counselor or protector to a living incarnated human being”.
~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_guide~
On this blog, I will be sharing experiences I have had with my Master Guide. But first here is a little background on him and our relationship.

I have been communicating with my Spirit Guide for as long as I can remember. Of Course, when I was a little girl I didn’t think of him as a Guide. He was just an imaginary friend that I had made up in my head so I would have someone to play with when I was lonely. I was raised as an only child and as a kid I was the shy and quiet type. Therefore, I spent a lot of time playing make-believe with my Fictional Friend.

It wasn’t until I was 21 that I discovered my imaginary friend was actually my Spirit Guide. I had only been a Wiccan for a year and I had a budding interest in psychic phenomenal. I enrolled in a spirit communication class and one of our first assignments was an exercise on meeting your Spirit Guide. We were instructed to enter a deep meditation then picture a safe place in nature. Once there, we were to call on our Spirit Guides. I followed the instructions: I relaxed into meditation and I created my inner sanctuary. But before I could call for my Guides, I saw my old friend standing there in front of me. As if he had been waiting for me for a long time. Surprisingly, I wasn’t shocked. It made perfect sense to me that he was my Master guide. I suppose subconsciously I always knew who he was.

My guide is not as “ cool” as all the ones mediums seemed to have. He is not a Native American, Egyptian or Indian. He doesn’t have a crazy spiritual or tribal name. His name is simply Jerry and he is a white male( at least that’s how he appears to me). In my spirit guide meditation, he appeared to me as very tall and wearing a long hooded white robe. His hair as red as fire , his eyes are bright green( so bright they are hard to look directly into) and his lips are soft pink. I have come to believe these colors are symbols for divine love. Red and pink are the colors of the heart and green is the color of the heart charka. These are fitting symbols since Jerry is a Guide of Love and healing.

Often my communication with Jerry is not in any formal manner. I speak to him randomly. I talk to him like I would talk to a Best friend because that is what he is to me.

He is by no means a serious guy. I can with joke him and he loves to make fun of me. Once, I asked him on my friend’s psychic board about finding a boyfriend. His response to my question was “ LOL”. I informed him that he was clearly bored on the Other Side and had nothing better to do but to bother me… and that’s the sort of relationship we have. LOL


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  1. brightlightwarriornika says:

    cute! 😀

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