Karma PT 2: The Wiccan version


Wicca’s version of the golden rule is the three fold law. According to the three-fold law whatever action you take will come back to you three-times stronger. I have never taken the three-fold law literally. In fact, I’m always shocked when I find Pagans who do take it literally. Really, you actually think if you do something negative it with come back to you exactly three times?. Not four or Five but always three. That doesn’t make sense to me.But hey to each their own interpretation.

I had always favored the interpretation that the energy you project will always come back to you and it will be stronger than what you projected.If you put your energy into being a loving and helpful, the benefits you receive from that mind set will outweigh the energy used. Energy will not always come back exactly three times. If you do something wrong, you will have to deal with the bad results until you learn your lesson.

On the other hand, it did occur to me that Karma can hit a person in three ways. It affects your mental state,h ow you relate to others and how you relate to them. Could that be why the Wiccan elders named it the three-fold law? Probably not… since that came off the top of my head. Anyway..

When a Wiccan is asked what is the three-fold law, we often say it’ s Karma.For the most part this is true; the three fold law is another way of describing Karma. But there are some differences that I have found between the two. First of all, Let’s be honest, the three fold law is kind of vague along with most of Wiccan philosophy( oh it’s true!).The vagueness protects against dogma and allows for introspection. But sometimes it can be frustrating when looking for clear guidance.

Also, unlike the eastern view of Karma , the Wiccan law has a sense of magick in it. The three-fold laws fits nicely with the Wicca belief that like attracts like. Wiccans believe that a person can use symbols for certain energies( like pink candle for love,a coin for wealth) to attract that energy into his or her life. The energy you have to work with in spell casting is always smaller than what comes to you ( ex: you blessed a dollar for wealth and then get a raise). The concept of how magick occurs and the three-fold law are clearly connected in Wicca.

Lastly, Wiccans aren’t as concerned with bashing their Karma as their Buddhist counterparts. Wicca keeps their version of Karma simply: ” Don’t do something negative because it will create ” three times” as much negativity in your life”. That’s one of the many reasons why Wiccans DO NOT do negative magick. Just think of all that negative energy you raised coming back to you three fold.

On a side note: I wonder if they based the three-fold law off of the theory that all bad things happen in threes. Hmm…


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