Mabon- The Wiccan Thanskgiving


If you wondering where my Part 2 is for my soul mate post, I’m skipping over it so I can write a quick post on Mabon.

So Happy Mabon to all Wiccans,


I hope that you all will have or had an awesome Sabbat. Unfortunately for me, I will be spending my Pagan holy day in church. Yes, as crazy as it might sound, I will be in church for Mabon. Today, happens to be my mother’s birthday and she has requested that I go to church with her as my present to her. Maybe she thinks she will get a extra present of saving my soul. Yeah.. if that’s the case she is dreaming big time. But there is nothing wrong with spending a day in church if it will make her happy on her birthday. I hope I’ll be able to fit a private ritual in today. Anyway, enough of my complaining.. Here are few Mabon facts for y’all


In case you didn’t know:


* Mabon is the Autumn equinox – marking the beginning of fall

* Occurs between the 21-23 of September

* The sign of Libra begins around this time ( sign of balance)

* Again light and dark is balanced as day and night are of equal length

* is one of the quarter days, a Lesser holiday


Symbols/Magick/ Correspondences

* is a time of abundance

* is a time for strengthening mental powers

* Colors: brown, red, orange and gold

* Food: apples, cereals, fruits and vegetables, beans, corn bread, squash, grains, nuts



Decorations: apples, acorns, leaves, oak springs, pine cones, wheat stalks etc


* Fall Equinox

* Autumn Equinox

* Harvest Home, Harvest End

* Thanksgiving

* Second harvest

* Wine Harvest

* Winter Finding

* Mabon –

According to Wikipedia:

The name Mabon has only been applied to the Neopagan festival of the autumn equinox very recently; the term was invented by Aidan Kelly in the 1970s as part of a religious studies project (the modern use of Litha for the Summer Solstice is also attributed to Kelly)….

The name Mabon was chosen to impart a more authentic-sounding “Celtic” feel to the event, since all the other festivals either had names deriving from genuine tradition, or had had names grafted on to them.”




*pronounced MAY-bun, MAY-bone, MAH-boon or MAH-bawn



* the God of harvest who is at his full power sacrifices himself for his people

* is the transition from the Light to dark half ( from the reign of the god to Goddess)

*Persephone begins her descent into the underworld

* Sun king is defeated by Twin brother ( god of darkness)

* Gods: Dionysus, Mabon, Thoth, Hermes, The green Man and Hotei.

* Goddesses: Persephone,Modron, Morgan, Snake Woman, Epona, Pamona, and the Muses.


Things to do:


From Wicca: A guide to the solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham:

” A traditional practice is to walk wild places and forests, gathering seed pod and dried plants Some of these can be used to decorate the home; other to saved for future herbal magic”.


The We’Moon ’07 calendar suggests,” Honoring women who are in their early transition to young cronehood”, and asking,” What is your personal harvest? How can you best acknowledge and celebrate yourself for hard work? What can you do to thank the Earth that sustains and your loved ones?”


for more ideas check out this site:


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