Soul mate Part two

I recall reading in some Wiccan literature ( or in a Correllian Wicca Lesson) that the longing for a soul mate is really a desire to re-united with the PRIMEVAL DEITY—To merge back into the oneness with the universe. Since, most of us aren’t enlightened enough to achieved that oneness on our own accord, we search for the next best thing: a single person to merge with. To the super spiritual types, individual love is a sad substance to  universal love, oneness or the love of God.

With that said, the hopeless romantic in me would prefer to feel the oneness of the universe though the eyes of a personal love. To be honest, if I had to chose between  being enlightened and feeling of oneness; and having a lasting romantic partnership, I would foolishly choose having a soulmate.

But not everyone sees a soul mate as a romantic ideal. According to  Dwayne Dryer, everyone has a soulmate . A soul mate can be a best friend, a sibling, a spouse or a pet. A soul mate to him is the person who challenges you the most. The person who shows you where you lack spiritual growth. I like the idea that   everyone has a soul mate. On the other hand, I  dislike  this description  because within this definition of soul mate anyone close to you who test you or even pushes your buttons can be your soul mate. My preferred version of the the soul mate concept is the twin soul:

“the twin flame or twin soul – thought to be the ultimate soulmate, the one and only other half of one’s soul, for which all souls are driven to find and join.” ~

A twin soul is the person who is the most compatible and the most similar to you. In every lifetime, they are always by your side is some fashion and they understand you better than any other soul.

Strangely, when I think of this definition I’m reminded of my Spirit Guide who has been with me in every lifetime. There is actually no one more compatible with my personality than my SG, Jerry.

And the more time I spend with him, the more I feel oneness, and the more open I am to universal love. Through his love I am able to be known. Not for who I want to be but for who I am— Who I have always been. Through him, I’m able to surrender and soften. With him all the cynicism, all the wounds ,and fears disappear.  And I am able to search for, believe in and open to love again. So, maybe all this time while I was searching long and hard for my soul mate… maybe.. just maybe.. he was by my side the whole time— No search needed.

But can a spirit be someone’s soul mate? I don’t know. I’m still not quite sure if this whole soul mate thing is for real. But I have learned to accept my hope that it is true. Actually, I’m starting to believe that the hope and faith part of the quest for a soul mate might be just as important if not more important than finding one.  Just like in spiritual beliefs, half the battle and benefits come from having faith in the unknown, Whether they are right or not, most people need something to believe in to make life worth while. For some it’s God, science, the Goddess or their ideals. And for some it’s their faith in the power of love that keeps them going.  If I’m honest with myself, then I would have to admit that even with all heart break and even though I’m  the Goddess’ child, my true religion is that of the heart.


One thought on “Soul mate Part two

  1. iamsamiam says:

    Wow, this is really lovely! I think whether or not the concept of the soulmate is real, our experience with it appears real for us. It makes sense that our desire to connect in a very special way with one person is really a larger desire to connect with all. What it seems we really long for is understanding from others probably more than our desire to understand others. A soulmate would require no explanations, no apologies, and would understand you to the core. Maybe this is the longing that spurred most world religions?

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