Drumming of the soul…

atabaque.jpgEven though, it was my second time going to a drum circle, I was extremely nervous when it was my turn to create a beat in front of the supportive circle of strangers. When I was unable to joke my way out of the improv solo, I shyly banged my hands against the synthetic drum and presented an awkward rhythm. Then the drum leader picked up the rhythm and the others followed as if I had done something unique and creative ( I had not). Yet, some how the group made my timid beat in to something beautiful– From awkwardness to musical harmony. What I noticed that night in the drum circle was that I messed up a lot (losing the beat). What I also noticed was that I didn’t mess up so much when I stop worrying about messing up. And, it was easy to keep the beat when I let my body give into the rhythm. When I allowed my feet to tap along with my hands and I allowed my body to sway back and fourth as I pounded against the drum staying with the rhythm became almost effortless. In fact, it was as though the music wasn’t starting in my hands just before they hit against the plastic but was originating from my center. When I concentrated on hitting the drum the ‘right’ way with the ‘right ‘hand movements I became lost. But, when I lead with my center, my feet and my whole body, I became lost in the music—in the moment. Later, we danced. I love to dance and I’m good at it because I learned a lot time go that dancing is not about thoughts. It all about listening. Listening to your body and letting it guide you. Usually, I hate being led in a dance. I can dance on my own but once I’m given dance instructions, my movements fall apart. But I was okay this time because I had already learned the lesson of surrender from the drum circle. So I let go and let my body lead me. Surprisingly, my body had no problem harmonizing with the movements of the others. It was connected to more than just my brain. It was connected to the natural pulse of the universe which included everyone in that room. Soon, I became lost again in that world between the physical senses and the sensuous, mystical ones. I was so free, light and carefree yet grounded. When the night ended, I had not only had a fun time but I left with the understanding that dance and music is apart of the natural flow of the universe. And there energy lives inside of me. Inside us all and it is waiting to be let free.


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