Simple Meditation for the Meditative-challanged

476px-stage1.gifThe first step to starting a meditation practice is setting a time aside where you won’t be disturbed by others. It’s helpful to meditate at the same time every day. But this is not always possible. I recommend being gentle with yourself and starting out with a daily practice of around ten minutes. The shorter the time period the least likely you are to come up with excuses not to practice. Also it’s less stressful. If you find that the practice is a struggle and your mind is all over the place… well, you can tell yourself, “ it’s only ten minutes, I can pull through”. After a while ,the practice will become a part of your routine and you can build up to twenty, thirty or even an hour. But remember you can return to short sessions whenever necessary.
After you have decided on a time, your next challenge is finding your seat. Meditation can be done either by sitting, walking or even lying down. Seated meditation is sometimes portrayed as being superior to lying down. But the only problem with lying down is whether you think you will fall asleep or not. It is probably easier for most people to stay focused in a seated posture. This can be anything from cross-legged position or sitting against a wall or in a chair. Don’t obsess over accomplishing the lotus position. If you do it fine.. if not, so be it To be honest, I can’t do the lotus position to save my life. In fact, it took me a few months before I was able to sit cross-legged for a long meditation period( I hope my failures bring you some peace of mind). If you decide that a cross legged practice works for you, then you will need to place a cushion underneath you. You have to experiment with your cushion and your position until you are comfortable. Your back should be upright, sitting bones grounded and knees lower than hips. Roll your head around, curve and straighten you back, stretch your arms… relaxing your body before you begin. Then return to the upright position with hands upright on thighs in Om position ( thumb and index fingers touching).
The next choice is closing the eyes or leaving them open. Every tradition has it’s own rhythm and reason for why you should keep your eyes open or close. I say if you are easy distracted by the external world then close them. On the other hand, if you are like me and you are more susceptible to internal thoughts and emotions then keep them open. Your best bet is to try both during different meditation sessions to see which works best for you. If you keep your eyes open then focus them on one spot but keep them relaxed . Now, you begin the meditation:
For a few moments just watch your thoughts. Don’t try to control them or change them. Just be aware of them…. Noticing how they come and then go. Pop in and out of existence. Don’t attach to any of the thoughts. Just notice… Notice how they are changing… Constantly changing…
Now bring your awareness to you breath. Make it your main focus. Feel the breath moving in and out your nose…
Don’t try to change the breath. Just feel it…
Feel your stomach rise and fall with the breath….
Notice how the breath moves your stomach like the waves in the ocean…
Feel the air passing through your nose and the movements of your belly all at once…
Now for ten minutes watch and feel your breath… putting a slight emphasis on the exhale.
You will still have thoughts.. That’s ok. They will come and go. If you find your thought carrying you away from the present moment.. Then you say thoughts come and go and then return to the breath…
Always return to the breath…


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