OFF the subject: JENA BOYCOTT

On Nov 2, there will be a national boycott. People of all colors and class are being asked to to refrain from buying ANYTHING as an respond to the treatment of the Jena 6.  if you are interested in boycotting I have attached the email that has be circling around about this boycott..feel free to pass this information along.




One thought on “OFF the subject: JENA BOYCOTT

  1. The Jena boycott was and will be benificial
    short term and for the long term if it leads
    to organized injustice reporting and lawsuits.

    A Christmas boycott will bring home the
    message that injustice will not be tolerated
    and action will be taken. With the fear of
    lead based toys and foods loaded with who knows
    what is in it; makes it easy for people to
    stop buying.

    I would like to see a worldwide organnized
    movement to identify and report. Things like
    sending our youth to jail for having teanage
    sex, when a white youngster was arrested for
    the offense. The law was changed.

    All organizations representing blacks should
    work together with oneness. It is confusing
    for the people to think when the media is
    telling them that one black is good and the
    other is bad. The messages are brainwashing
    to those who know BS when they hear it.

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