My Mystical Second life


Echo ( your Blog writer)has very few serene places she can go to meditate. Her meditation practice is usually constricted to the privacy of her own room. In college she was able to take Mystical and meditation classes and enjoy having a group to meditate with. Now, with no meditation centers in her town, she is currently without group support.

Sicily Heartsdale, on the other hand, can go to Mystical Academy to learn about integral yoga, being Indigo, meditation, tarot, Wicca and so much more. She can also fly ( not in an airplane) to Owo kun island where she can go on a shamanic journey and meditate around an ocean filled with fish and dolphins.

While Echo has no means to leave Chicagoland, Sicily who is a less than two weeks years old was African dancing in Africa only a few days and took a boat ride in italy.

If you haven’t realized that Sicily is my virtual identity than you are probably not a Second lifer. If You are a SL resident than you already  know that  there are limitless and amazing experiences to be had in the virtual realm. If you are not familiar with the program Second Life – it is a virtual world created by its residents ( players).

Now I know you are wondering: what Second life has to do with spirituality? Well, it has nothing to do with it. Except that  for some reason mystics seem to be drawn to Second life. Second life is filled with classes, events, resources , places and groups for us mystics. There are Pagan, Buddhist, Christian and Yogi groups( I have never meditated more because there are so many virtual meditation classes). There are Witch malls, Temples and places for spiritual activism. In fact two days ago in SL, I was at a Burma event and there was  aspeaker from Amnesty International!

As if were the astral plane itself, the options are seemly endless in the virtual world. So, I recommend it for anyone who  wants to gather with people of like spiritual minds.

I will be creating a page soon with my Second Life recommendations…

To Second Life


One thought on “My Mystical Second life

  1. Storm Nordwind says:

    Some places in Second Life seem to attract spiritual seekers more than others. The western side of the Mieum region and the eastern side of the adjoining Rieul region are cases in point. So much so, then when land became available in Mieum two months back, I had to buy it.

    I’ve never regretted it. On nearly an acre of land I’ve created Kuan Yin Terraces, a temple garden in honour of the Lady of Compassion.

    Some come for the oracle, but most people tell me they come regularly for the peace, beauty and inspiration. They say they love the waterfalls and the flowers, and the chance to meditate before the statues and in the temple.

    A pair of rare red-crowned cranes has recently been seen flying regularly above the gardens. And now I am working on opening a Buddhist museum further to the north in Mieum! … 🙂

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