Things my Spirit Guide has told me

Note: Please read the Jerry The SG post first to learn more about what a spirit guide is and about my master SG Jerry. You can also read spirit guide on the train and soulmate part two for more insight into my crazy relationship with my guide.

Here begins the series of crazy but wise things my spirit guide has told me… hope you enjoy them:

A crazy but wise thing my spirit guide told me once was…

“I’m your Spirit Guide. Not your matchmaker.”

To which, I probably said ” If you were a good guide then you would have my back and I wouldn’t end up with such losers. Now, do your job and GUIDE a cute man my way.”

Then he probably responded with some witty and too wise to argue with joke.

To which I most likely countered with, ” You suck… Can you fire a spirit guide?”

( As I wrote the above sentence I heard my dear Jerry say,” Good Luck replacing me! Who would want to take on that Job.”)

Whatever Jerry, Whatever… that’s why I got a physical body and you don’t. So there ( sticks out her tongue)

And that concludes Crazy but wise things my spirit guide has told me.


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