Wild and wise things my spirit guide told me…

Another entry for my series: Crazy but wise things my SG has said to me. Please see spirit guide tag for more information and entries on my spirit guide, Jerry… 


” I love you but I don’t need you. I know this is difficult for you to understand because you believe that love and need are connected. You think that it is a compliment to be needed in love. But it is much better that I love  you because I want to. I am not incomplete and looking to be filled up by love. If this was the case, once I was whole there would be no need to have you around. A love based by need is about using that person to fill a void. It is a greater compliment that even though I do not need anyone, even though I am ok by myself and have everything that I need, I still prefer to be with you then without you. A love based on need can not truly last but this sort… A love without conditions or needs or even reason has lasted lifetimes. Simply because we wanted it too…”


2 thoughts on “Wild and wise things my spirit guide told me…

  1. denmarkguy says:

    What beautiful wisdom this is!

  2. Lets Be Friends! 🙂 I am new here and I totally get you. Your spirit guide is teaching you about the opposite of what we humans call “codependency”.

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