Dear spirit, Dear faith

 When I am lost I come to you

I should find you, talk to you when the world’s ok

but then  I have no words

I should ask you to stand by me even when life is on my side

But then  I can’t hear

or I forget to listen

When lost I long to see you

to be shown the way

But I don’t know when I’m going the wrong way

When I need to the most I forget to ask for your direction

When I have arms to hold me at night

I wish for your healing embrace

But with one earthy kiss I forget who I belong to

I forget where I came from

Who I am

The trees, the breeze, the birds’ song brings me closer to you

I can hear your breath in the wind

But a deep voice  can drown out the soft sweet sound

I would ask for forgiveness for losing you

and perhaps using you

But you are not the type to deliver  the blame

Never  mad,

always patient,

waiting there to find me when I am lost

walking the the misguided path along with me


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