Returning to Meditation

I have been away from my blog for awhile mainly because I have been away from meditation. It’s  difficult to write about about mystical experiences when you are having very few due to lack of sitting. But what is harder is returning to sitting after a long spell of… lets says of ” forgetfulness.” Usually when we stop meditating it is because we have had a long streak of ” forgetting to practice” or ” forgetting how important it is to practice.” As an result we believe falsely that other things are more valuable then our practice. Next time you know , you have falling out of the habit on sitting daily and months have now past since you have found your center. In fact, you can’t even remember what it felt like to ” be centered” but you are starting to miss that sensitisation because life might have lose the subtle ease it had when you were sitting. So now the question is how do you return to that center? First, know that the quiet place within you has not left you behind. It is still there, waiting for you to find it again ( or better yet to resume the practice of searching for it). Honestly, all that needs to be done is for you ( for us) to take a break, sit down and  start looking for it. To return to meditation practice, we must create a new habit! Again, we are trying to make meditation as ingrated into our lives as brushing our teeth or watch our favorite tv show. The quickest to introduce meditation back into your daily cycle is making it easy. There will be  lots of excuses from I’m busy to I’m tired and there will be many distractions so make it as easy as possible at first. Start with ten mins or even five mins a day. Then when the excuses come you can respond to them by saying to yourself” well, its only ten mins, I know I can do that.” Still there will be days you forget.  Again maybe after months or years of consistent practice you will fall off the meditation wagon. If this happens just remember even long time Buddhists had lost their practice from time to time and part of the practice is the coming back. Just like we aim to remember to come back to the breath after a long thought has taken over, we also know that coming back from a long meditation break is just part of the journey…


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