Site of week: Simply noise

I can’t take credit for finding this site. My bf forced me to  check out. It’s exactly what the site name suggests: random white noise. The benefits of listening to white noise such as relieving headaches are listed quickly at the site. The webpage itself is very zen… not much talk… just click the media button and start the work. At first listen, I thought,” Well, I could just listen to my tv when the cable is off or my AC.”  But the second time I listened to it on a stressful day it helped me  guide into sleep. One simple thing that makes it different than random noise is that you can set the  volume level. You chose what’s the right amount of soothing noise for you…

Anyway, try it out and tell me what you think in the comments.  I was thinking about testing in for a week and seeing if there are any real benefits:)


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