Cherishing Love

Green in Love Park
Maybe its just me but sometimes love makes me sick to my stomach. I tense up, I stress out and I want to run away from it. Just like any other strong emotion sometimes I just can’t sit with it. I can’t *be* with it…
I have done a lot pondering in this blog about  finding true love. By lately, I been more interested in how to deal with love once you have it. Especially if when you think you have found the right mate but the time, solution or place isn’t right. When do you fight to be with someone and when is it just too hard?
Right now, I’m in a long distance relationship. But at the moment it doesn’t count as a long distance since he is now right next to me. I should be happy I get to spend almost 2 months living with my mate. But sometimes I can’t stay in the moment. My mind wants to rush ahead to when we have to part.   Few night ago I found myself stressing out bout the situation until it occur there was only one thing I could do. Be in that moment. I went from worrying to just enjoying cuddling…
I believe that almost every problem can be eased by applying simple meditation technique..even problems with the heart. By taking a breath when I was panicky and  be present with mate.
The second question is how do you know if a relationship is worth the effort. I think this too can be answer if we are present with how we feel. Listen to your heart and mind honestly and you will know if this person is right for us.  I think we ( ( know I do) sometimes lie to ourselves. We see the red flags in a relationship but ignore them or we know the person in a good mate but run because of some fear. If I am honest about my current relationship the only  worry i have is the distance. If I am really honest, I am looking for problems because it’s my nature to be suspicious of happiness…
So again I don’t really have any of the answers, just more to think about. I can only suggest if you are feeling stressed in relationship…Breath and be present in the feelings so you can understand  them fully. Also, even if you have no worries remember to cherish every moment with your mate because the next minute isn’t promised to any of us.. So take a sec to feel their hand against yours…to look at that face you fall in love this .. Just be there with them…


4 thoughts on “Cherishing Love

  1. Nice post. I agree being in the moment can solve a lot of lifes questions.

  2. Rae says:

    I was in a long distance relationship for about a yr with my now bf of 5 yrs I used to dread when it came time for one of us to leave. When we met I told myself I wasn’t going to let myself fall for him lol little did I know I already had. You can’t answer everyone of life questions sometimes all you can do is sit back and enjoy the time you have to keep the memories until you see one another again.

  3. friamin says:

    Be mindful and meditate on the positive things in your life. Things happen for a reason. The mate you are with now may not be the one you are supposed to be with forever.

  4. falconrider says:

    Hey –

    I’ve been in a long distance relationship for 5 years(in three days, anyway) and although I try to keep my relationship out of my blog, I do face the same sort of problems that you are right now. It’s hard to just be in the moment. Sometimes you just want to hold your partner and cry, and never let them go. I usually only see mine for a few hours or a few days, every couple of months. It’s going to change when I reach graduate school, but that’s two years away.

    How do you decide if the relationship is worth fighting for? I guess you have to consider all aspects. Do you love them? Do they love you? Can you see yourself without them? Can you see yourself with anyone else? Those questions will usually yield the answer you’re searching.

    Blessed Be!
    Sam(Pagan Pages)

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