Getting a meditation buddy…

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Since joining the virtual world of second life, I’ve had trouble maintaining my favorite practices like meditation and journaling. Whether you get distracted with work, school or play sometimes  keeping a regular practice can be hard.  So I’m going to offer a simple and obvious suggestion for those having trouble sticking to any practice or trying to begin one: find a partner.

If you have read the previous post then you know I’m staying with my boyfriend for awhile. Since, I am having trouble with my practices I corrupted him into joining me. We started meditating together first and then I talked him into journaling also. We even made a whole day out of shopping for new journals ( we picked recycled ones).

But it’s not just me dragging him into my routines. He has gotten me into Wiifit, made me more environmentally friendly and  he is trying  his best to get me to sleep better ( and failing)…

Again this might be an obvious statement but it’s more fun and rewarding if you can find a partner. It doesn’t need to be a lover. A good friend is just as good if not better.  You  just need someone who will encourage you and even better that you will have to encourage.   Then  you will feel more of a responsibility to practice regularly. Also, it’s great to have someone to tell your insights to after the practice. This way you can see that you probably have the same concerns and obstacles.

If you can’t find someone to work with then just get a friend who is good at bugging you to  be your * BS* detector. Their job will be just to ask you if you are keeping up with your practice.  Whatever works, right?


2 thoughts on “Getting a meditation buddy…

  1. Rae says:

    I would love to learn how to meditate so far when I have tried one of two things happen. Either I fall asleep or I can’t get my mind to slow down enoug to relax my thoughts just keep going & going.

  2. Echo says:

    Hi rae,

    A few quick suggestions to help you with getting started: do a sitting pose ( if you falling asleep because you are laying), do short periods maybe 5 min to begin with and don’t worry about relaxing your thoughts. there are plenty of times when I have a billion thoughts… just try to sit with them and when you are lost in them * try* to return focus on the breath. Part of the process is learning not to fight the thoughts .. to sit with them.

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