Happy Merry Mabon!!!


Well, I will admit I suck at Sabbats. Honestly, the only ones I always remember are Yule, Samhain, May day and Midsummer. A Wiccan calendar is my best friend since I am * yet*  to memorize all the Sabbat dates. I am such a  naughty bad Wiccan I had to look up Fall equinox because I forgot all the names for the Sabbat.  Fall=Mabon… yay,I know something.  Usually, I don’t give the autumn equinox much thought but this year I am strangely excited about the seasons turning to Fall.  But to mark the event, I think I will keep things simple…A long walk with my dog, hugs some trees and give offerings to them ( maybe a nice rock, water…anyone know what a tree is wishing for at this time of the year?)

Here is a site with Mabon facts since I am no help to anyone looking for Sabbat information…



One thought on “Happy Merry Mabon!!!

  1. Grace says:

    Yay, I’m not the only one who sucks at Sabbats!

    I’ve just found your blog on Webweaver and it’s a refreshing change to find someone who doesn’t pretend to know everything. ^^

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