Blog action day:Poverty

Today is blog action day and the cause is Poverty.  At first, all I could think of to write about poverty is that I am against it. Yup! Lets stop it. I don’t have any statistics or local/ personal stories to offer on the subject. Besides why use my blog to pass on numbers that any of you can Google…

Since, this is too important a topic to not write about, I will offer a thought I have been pondering lately. Which is No man is an island. Duh, right?

Well, it clearly isn’t common sense.  We all know people who are only about getting ahead and taking care of number one. Their motto is  You gets yours and I will get mine. Unfortunately, that seems to be the American motto too. Never mind that some are born with advantages and others like kids born into poverty have little chance of getting theirs ( even if they work harder than most).

But it isn’t just about what is fair. It is about what is healthy for a society. The bigger the wealth gap between the rich and the poor, the more problems a society has…

With our economy in crisis, I hope that this will be a wake up call to us all. With more of the lower middle class falling into poverty, when we close institutions that support the poor, with people losing their jobs and homes, how could we be surprised when the problems of main street hit wall street?

Now, I barely passed economics in high school. But common sense tells me that if people are too poor to buy things from the wealthy that *the haves* will become * have nots*.  Still, we keep acting like a man is an island. We gave more to those that have plenty while ignoring the ones with real needs. It’s like fixing a good roof when the foundation is crumbling.

Now, I am not even touching on how helping people around the world is a good thing. We have seen lately how interconnected the global economy is ( hence the word global). If we can’t buy from you than you can’t buy from them then we all end up suffering. Not to mention the good press of being a generous person or country. Don’t believe good press matters then look at Chinese government. They are making money ( enough to loan America) at the cost of human rights and with no concern to their poor. Now, even the most * I want what I want for cheap* people are  avoiding buying products made in China. Sure they got the Olympics and they are heading for super power hood. But any country with a divide between the poor and wealth like theirs is doom for future chaos.

Before I go on too many tangents…

Help end world hunger

Point of this rant is that helping others will help you in the long run. So be selfish and give a damn!


3 thoughts on “Blog action day:Poverty

  1. Just Some Guy says:

    Poverty is just a symptom. It will never go away as long as humanity is a culture of separate individuals. Until ever single person is able to comprehend the direct connection between their actions and the impact on the rest of the world – and actually give a damn about it – it will never change.

    That doesn’t mean there isn’t merit in helping someone, in easing suffering. But it can’t be defeated – never. The individual must be defeated first – that’s asking enlightenment of the entire Earth. Good luck. 😉

  2. Robert Rowe says:

    Good rant. And thanks for posting “Free Rice”. I loved that site when I first found it, but had forgotten about it.

  3. Mr.Carrot77 says:

    I believe in encouraging children to independence, but only in baby steps. ,

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