Pray the stress away?

For the last few days, I’ve been pretty stress out. Mainly due to my dog ( who I have had for almost eleven years) being very sick. The problem with a situation like this is  there isn’t much you can do. You feel that  you are the protector of your companion. You should be protecting him from this illness. But when my dog, Mikey first became  ill there was nothing I could do but wait to get him to the vet. And now all I can do is take care of him, hope and wait for him to get better.

Ok, that’s impossible. To just let go and let fate handle it.  Instead, I have been watching him like  hawk and freaking out about any sign of him not getting better. All that has accomplished is me sleeping and eating less and making myself sick with anxiousness.

The only thing that has helped is doing alot of praying. I have meditated, prayed and even done some healing over him. It’s really all I can do to feel productive. On one hand it makes me feel like I am doing something. On the other hand, I am putting the situation in the hands on my guides, his guides and the Gods.  Yes, I am still a bit stressed. But I just keep breathing and praying and a little bit of the worry is eased ( if only temporary. It’s a needed break)… Whether it works or not, if  we have a serious situation that we can’t ourselves fix praying or giving the problem up to the universe can give a little peace of mind.


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