Fighting with Father time

Don’t waste time… Live like it is your last day because it could be . This is all great advice but the flipside is you should not spend your life feeling like you are running out of time.

I am 29. If I don’t get married by the time I am thirty like I planned when I was ten years old, I am a failure.

I am 35. I will never be a broadway performer/write that novel (inset your dream) now.

I am 75. I should give up on all my plans. I can’t never finish them now.

Sure, you should embrace the shadow of time and death but with the knowledge that what is meant to be will be. I think that Americans live in denial that death can come at anytime. Yet, I also believe in miracles which can come at anytime to anyone. But the universe likes to give those miracles to the ones who work the hardest and believe in themselves.

So Please stop using time as an excuse. Take for example August Wilson who died after his last works. My Playwright teacher thought it was sad that he died when he had so much more to offer. I took it as of sign of faith. To me it was a sign that his last play was meant to be. He was not about to be taken from this life until his work is finished.

Have the faith that the universe has a plan for you and you will not be finished here until it is done.

On an less hopeful and mystical note, even if you don’t finish that lifelong goal. Living is about the adventure and the journey. If you spend your life pursuing the things that make you feel most alive than that is happiness. Doesn’t matter if you achieve them all or none, there is joy in doing your best.

Famous late Bloomers


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