Mentalist vs The witch

*** Slight spoiler alert***
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I wanted the witch to just say ,” I know Wiccans are strange but at least I’m not a Voodoo Mind doctor like a Mentalist. Now that would be crazy.”

I swear I wasn’t going to mock The Mentalist if they stayed away from using the term, ” Wicca.” If only the made the character some vague Magickal practitioner. But they had to throw Wicca’s name around as if it gave them credibility. Instead, they only proved that they can’t even bother going to Wikipedia for research.

I don’t want to waste too much time ranting about this. After all it is just a tv show. They are allowed to be as ridiculous, ignorant and unrealistic as they please.

But if they cared anything about accuracy and respect for people’s religions they would have not made these little mistakes…

1. A Pentacle does not represent Black magick ( I will save my bitching on the terms black and white magick for another day). Pentacle is a symbol of the earth and used mostly as Protection or to invoke powers of the earth. It also represents the four elements and spirit.

2. The confusion of Satanism and Wicca. If they want a Satanist make the character a Satanist. Why insult two groups by misrepresenting us? American Satanists ( from what I understand) are a rejection of Christianity and religion(rarely are they as crazy as tv portrays them either). Wiccans are Modern practitioners of *PRE* Christian beliefs. That Pre is important. We don’t worship Satan because Satan is a Christian symbol.

3. Killing spells and Negative Magick are not practiced by Wiccans. Our first law is harm none. I can’t understand why tv shows and movies don’t use magickal religions that do allow hexs. Why do they always pick us?

4. We are not all mentally disturbed.  Wicca attracts the wounded, the curious and all types of people.

5. We aren’t all nerds in cloaks ( actually words from the show). I maybe a nerd. But I don’t wear a cloak damnit!! 😛

With that said, I will still watch the mentalist. Forgive them for they know not what they do.  Plus, it is just a show. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mentalist vs The witch

  1. Monica says:

    This is the message that I left on CBS. Com. I was very bothered by the episode. I have a good since of humor and so watched the show would be funny and they would explain how everything was a big misunderstanding. I was wrong it was completely insulting and irresponsible.

    What was CBS thinking with this week’s episode of The Mentalist? I really thought that this was a great show and looked forward to watching every week, but this week’s episode has changed that. This weeks episode was ill informed, no I take that back it was just ignorant. It was degrading and insulting to anyone who is pagan. “Wicca is just a silly lifestyle” I believe that’s what one of the shows characters said. Could you be any more insulting? Pagans and those with alternative beliefs fight against reticule everyday and then CBS perpetrates even further ignorance. “Witchcraft malarkey” I believe is another quote from the main character. Everyone involved in this show should be ashamed.

  2. john says:

    CALM DOWN!!!

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