What’s a Wiccan Like?

I recently took at Interreligous dialogue class as part of my Master of Divinity degree program. There were many elements of the class that I found frustrating . Mainly, the focus on hierarchical and exclusive religions that claim an ultimate truth. I, having the *can’t keep my mouth shut disease*, asked, ” what about indigenous and pagan religions?” My point being that there are many faiths that beliefs and rituals  are based   on the cyclic power of the spirit, nature, the world. The are not considered with exclusive faith. My teacher seemed to think my point was naive.

There were good aspects of this class. I enjoyed (and I needed) the interreligious dialogues, I had as a requirement of the class. It was a chance to speak about what it was like to be a Wiccan. Since, I go to a Buddhist inspired school, often I have to leave my own faith at home and speak from the Buddhist perspective. It was wonderful to be the real me: A fierce Nature loving Wiccan.

Yet, it is always hard to be in a discussion about my faith with people from * more organized* religions. I found that in dialogue, people want to know about the oldest Wiccan texts say about this? What are the rules, laws, etc?

So many people expect RULES! and order and hierarchy. I found myself rejecting questions that I felt did not get to the core of Wicca. I was determined to speak from my true understanding of Wicca and not just be a comparison to other faiths.

What I try to convey in my dialogue was simply this:

*Wicca is not about books, sutras, commandments ( though there is not anything wrong with that. It is just not that type of religion. And we do not have to fit in traditional religious roles)
* Wicca has one Dead hard rule…  ” An it harm none, Do as  ye will”. That rule covers everything that needs to be covered. We can not do whatever we want. We have to think carefully about every action to keep from harming others and ourselves.
* Wicca is about loving Nature, harmony with Nature and healing from Nature
* Wiccans are fun, daring, and creative. There are a lot of problems caused by not being a traditional organized religion. However, Wicca gives many of us the freedom to create our own unique spiritual journey. Wicca is sacred but not solemn. Wicca is bliss.

That’s all I need outsiders to understand about my faith and how I see it. What is Wicca to you?


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