Inviting someone to the circle

My partner ,who is Catholic, asked me how I would  get a non-Wiccan to participate in a ritual. First of all, I would not attempt to convince someone who was not interested in rituals. I have no interest in converting someone to Paganism. Nor, do I need others to approve  of my practices.

I would, however, do rituals with people who want to learn or simply want to join in on my celebration of my faith. In these cases, I would get them to participate in the actual ritual by suggesting they take specific parts in the ritual. Of course, it is important to ask if they are comfortable taking a part, and always be prepared to do their section  yourself if they don’t want to participate in that way.

Sometimes, I will assign parts during the actual ritual. If I am doing a ritual with my partner or friends, I will ask ahead of time what they will like to do in the ritual. Often, I will allow them to help me design the ritual. During a discussion about a ritual, common goals or obstacles will usually arise that we want to address. Then, the ritual is designed based on shared themes that are coming up in our lives.

There are also plenty of opportunities within a ritual to get the shy ones to participate. Such as suggesting
a quiet meditation, pray, having a low risk  group activity, etc.

Most times, if people are interested enough to show up at a ritual, they will want to participate. The trick is simply finding everyone’s comfort level.


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