Circle Outlines

Once, you have created a ritual outline that works for you, the world of magick becomes a much easier place. Sometimes, I lead a ritual or circle with only a basic structure in mind… such as…

Simple outline for rituals and wisdom circles:

1. Open circle

2. Close circle

Acknowledge that you are entering and creating sacred space . End  with gratitude. Can be as simple as ” Bless us” and “Thank you”. The middle part can be spontaneous( a council, discussion, dancing, etc.)

Full  ritual :

1. Cleansing/Grounding ( Cleansing area and people)

2.Open/Cast circle

3.Invocation/s ( invite positives aspects, elements, deities, spirits, thoughts, etc)

4.Intention ( why are we here?)

5. Act of power ( healing, spell, ” the main event”,meditation, council, multiple activities, etc)

6. Feast and/or Grounding

7. Closing circle ( say goodbye to all the energies raised, acknowledge moving back to “regular” reality.)


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