Talk ( Pray) to my Spirit Guide

Somethings praying can be as simple as talking with the Divine. Don’t be afraid to get honest…

Dear one,

I am sorry I have been caught up in pulls of Life,

That I have not made the time to sit down with you.

At times it seems foolish to take time to pray when I have “important” adult things to do,

And yet, without your guidance and light, the purpose of the mundane tasks are blurred.

I miss your advice that always ends in a joke,

And how you answer my questions by telling me I think too much.

There is no bad or wrong in your view.

You embrace everything with your eyes and heart wide open,

Always quick with a smile and a giggle,

I am never afraid or heavy with burden when you are beside me.

I know you are always there for me whether I ask or not.

Yet, I am hope for space to sit with you once again and share good thoughts and a good laugh.

Blessed Be


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