Sleep is for the Weak

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For the last few weeks I have toying with polyphasic sleep. Specifically the Uberman and Everyman cycle.

Uberman :It is basically a cycle where a person takes six thirty minute naps each day instead doing eight hours in one set.

Everyman: involves one core sleep of 1.5- 3 hours and three naps.

I experimented when both Uberman sleep and Everyman but have now decided to commit to Everyman( with three hour core) for the reminder of my winter break and longer if I can pull it off.

The benefit is of course having more waking time. However, I am more interested side effects such as more lucid dreams and the ability to fall asleep quickly. Polyphasic sleep works because it trains the brain to go into Rem sleep faster. Since I have always had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep I’m hoping this experiment will help me gain some control over my patterns. Time will tell if the experiment will be successful, useful or a waste of time. I am still skeptic about whatever changing one’s sleep cycle so dramatically is possible or healthy but it is worth a try.

To be continued…

More information on Polyphasic sleep:



One thought on “Sleep is for the Weak

  1. Old 454 says:

    I’m excited to hear how you Everyman schedule goes. I’m particularly interested in the impact on physical recuperation, cellular repair, etc. I think the plan should certainly help you train your body to go to sleep faster.

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