As I go through the growing pains of transitioning into Everyman sleep cycle, I find myself constantly asking, ” is it worth it?” So I decided to do research and compile of list of benefits in order to keep motivated during the painful adaptation stage. Here are a few benefits experienced by bloggers in the past who have tried Everyman:

More vivid dreams
More time to do whatever
More alone time
Ability to work with less disruption
Time seems longer
Avoiding back/neck, etc cause by sleeping the wrong way
better quality of sleep
Improved dream recall
More energy during the day
Benefits/side effects I have noticed so far in my transition:
I now have an easy time falling asleep. Though my change from light sleeper is also making it easy to doze off unintentionally.
Time seems much longer, I can sleep for ten mins and it feels like an hour.
Feeling more productive and energetic during certain awake period . But this so far is countered by the period of horrible exhaustion and zombieness
* hopefully I will make it past the adaptation period and then the pros with outweight any cons.

Benefits of Everyman Sleep Cycle


2 thoughts on “Benefits of Everyman Sleep Cycle

  1. Chelli Giovannini says:

    Can you suggest practical steps to implement this everyman sleep cycle?

  2. You’re very brave you know. I get cranky if my sleep is messed up, and I’ve only had mild success moving from 7-8 hours to 6 a night.

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