On Faith

There are many terms within religious studies that make religious folk uncomfortable. Nowadays, everyone seems to have problem with the term religion, spirituality and faith. There are no longer any safe words to discuss our spiritual based traditions, practices and lifestyles.

I have witnessed Buddhist scholars contradict each other on whether Buddhism is a faith tradition or a religious one. I have heard Wiccans say Wicca is not a faith or a religion. I have even heard that spirituality is only relevant to  religions that believe in supernatural beings or the holy spirit or God. Some brush aside the term faith because they are too logical for faith. Everything they believe is proven or through experience.

But how could the mystery of the divine or sacred ever be truly proven or fully experienced. We get close but are we ever done reaching for the truth, the enlightenment, the bliss, the acceptance and the fullness.

For myself, I hope not. I prefer that there remain some mysteries to life, existence and the hereafter, at least until I am close to end of this life.

I love the unknown, the mystery of life, the dark path.

Therefore, I see faith as not something irrational or illogical. To me, faith means the acceptance of the mysteries of life, death and the sacred. Faith is the belief that with acceptance and spiritual practice or works, things can be wonderful. Whether that is the salvation that we wait  for, the enlightened state that we believe is possible or the ritual that we believe that we influence the whole universe. There is faith in that because while we think we know, we can not truly predict what the universe or our god/s have in store for us.


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