Buddhism Theology: What is Aliveness

I see basic aliveness  as the willingness to be curious, open and influenced by our  experiences and the  world. Basic aliveness means living life to its fullest extent.

I usually experience this in nature especially when I am near water. In those places, my mind expands, thoughts seem to disappear and I am simply in the moment. I am sharing that moment with the waters, listening to rumblings and feeling the breeze  For some reason, in these moments, suddenly life  feels simple yet wondrous.

Aliveness are those moments.

Aliveness represents that ability to embrace all the lessons that the world has to offer. It allows us to be content and joyous about the wonders and mystery that come our way.

In meditation practice, basic aliveness teaches that life is doable because it is our natural ability to be awake in any situation.

This aliveness is fluid. In this way,  the teaching of basic aliveness shows us that we can handle our emotions because of their impermanent. Aliveness means that we are not stuck by any emotions, thoughts or situations.  In fact, we experience this aliveness when we practice letting go.

Emotions do not have to be a hindrance but are a gateway to tap into our humanity. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to want to run away from our humanness because it means a tender heart. We shield ourselves from our emotions at the cost  missing our basic aliveness. Therefore, practice with the emotions is crucial in order for life not to become stale and heartless.

As Buddhist Psychologist, John Welwood in Awakening the Heart states:

Although we often feel most alive when involved in emotional dramas, meditation helps us realize our basic ongoing aliveness that is always present in both dramatic and undramatic moment.

In this way, practice with this sense of aliveness demonstrates the possibility of remaining “stable” through the chaos of life, and also remind us what a gift it is to be human and alive.


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