Praying as a Wiccan: Format and freedom

How to pray
When I think of the format of a pray, I think of how a ritual is created. First, I ground myself and clear my mind in order for my highest voice to emerge. Then, I acknowledge the sacred place and time. I invoke the energies I want to speak to such as the Goddess, Divine love, etc depending on my currents needs or temperament. Then, I simply speak from the heart my most urgent desire or gratitude. However, prayer often comes to me without planning or structure. There are times when I simply close eyes and words pouring out as if I am a vessel. I often wonder if I am talking to the Divine or is Divine talking to and through me. Mostly, prayer is my way of letting go of barriers and letting my natural wisdom flow through.

The power of  prayer
Prayer is a creative expression of one’s connection to their inner spirit, their world and the Divine. Prayer reminds where my passions are, where my fear lies and the places within me that are longing to be healed. Pray helps me to come out of hiding to face my demons, wounds and seemingly hopeless dreams. There is a feeling that this is between me and “God” therefore I am free to be fully me.  In prayer, we, not only, give ourselves completely to the Divine, we also remove our masks learn to love ourselves through that union.
Through pray we are reminded of the interdependence of life and my blessings of our world. We remember that we are all God’s children or we are all the Goddess. It is through this realization that many of us develop a longing  to help ease the suffering of others and come into communion with our world.

Prayer can be an avenue to embrace the wonders of everyday existence, and loving all that is around us and within us. In this way prayer, no matter who it is address to, is about seeing and experiencing the Divine qualities of our own being.

Prayer is an art of courage that invites the universe to look into the deepest depths of our being.


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