The paradox of meditation goals

Everyone has to decide what their own personal goal for practice. My goal had to do with (like many other) dealing with suffering. This also seems to be one of the tradition views of why we should meditate: to end suffering. Others come to meditation to deal with stress, health problems, to learn about themselves and their mind, etc.
All these goals are valuable because we may need a reason to keep ourselves practicing. I, personally, I am not a big believer in doing something because a tradition say so; our practice should in part be based on trust from our actual experiences with it. With that said there are benefits to eventually getting to the point of having no goals. In this sense, that meditation is about acceptance and discovering one’s true self.

Sometimes having goals can get in the way cultivating mindfulness as we may be adding to our judgments. Instead of observing our minds we may be dictators trying to cure our minds. Instead of returning to the present moments, goals can take us to a place of looking to future success. Therefore, we should find a place between knowing why one is practicing yet holding non-judgment altitude. This way, we are not distracted by a of view success, future plans and goals.


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