Samhain and Mourning ritual

What do I do for Samhain?

This year, I dedicated my Samhain time to honoring the recent passing of my Dad. I lacked the energy to a formal ritual and in my grieving state I was in no mood to celebrate.

So my partner and I decided to create an altar of mourning. I searched for inspiration online however most of the Samhain Wiccan altars I found were too  happy for my current mood. We decided to go off instinct. We had planned to let the creative process be our ritual. But after making the altar a more clear ritual emerged.

The Ritual:

1: We did grounding breaths

2: We walked through a doorway and tiny path ( we made a pathway out of recycle tires  –reborn symbol:) towards the altar.

3: We took a drink and then pour some for the deceased. ( similarly to pouring a beer on the ground for those who have passed)

4: We each tossed dirt onto a silver box and said” ashes to ashes…”

5: We each placed a penny into a bowel of water ( which had a makeshift boat inside).

6: We close by ringing a Bell.

* In the background we had on a Day of the Dead station

The ritual was spontaneous but manages to incorporate Wiccan, Norse, Christian spiritualities.


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