On Defining my Magick

What is my magick? I used to do a lot of spells when I was younger. Spells for love and happiness and money. But the older I  would get, the less spells I would do. Magick become less about what I could attain. Magick became about my connection with nature. I wanted mystical relationships. Marriage to the sun and moon. An affair with the waters. A deep secret friendship with the air. The earth as a my protector. Old, grumpy and wise earth. I wanted to understand how everything worked. And how I was apart of it. I did not want to create magic, I wanted to discover that I was indeed magic.

Surprise. As I got older still, magic took on a new meaning. I wanted to heal. Not with spells. They seemed too easy and fleeting. I wanted to heal people.  Heal the inner pains with hard work. By helping them see into their own hearts and minds. Helping them to see their own wisdom. Help them see they are also magic.

I wanted to heal the human relationships. I wanted to heal our relationships with nature. With creation.  I wanted to teach that we all were married to each other. Interdependent. We were all the sun, moon, earth, water.  And then I grew older and came down to earth. I wanted to  experienced the true magic of family and friends. I wanted to heal my own wounds and disconnection from loved  ones. I wanted to feel not the sun or reach the stars. I wanted to dig through the earth, pull up the dirt and find the bones, the bodies, the skeletons of my ancestors. I wanted to discover my roots.  How could I know magic if I don’t know where I come from, and  who I am.? Magic is now honoring the past, the spirits and ancestors. Seeing and receiving their healing messages. Passing on what I learn.  So that many other people can take this journey into magic too.


Love and Silliness Prayer



Thank you for love

For play

For ridiculous, silly mornings

For long reckless nights


Thank you for the snowfalls that awaken my body

For the creek flow that quiets my mind

The willow trees that ground me

and quick breeze that reminds me of your vastness


Help me find gratitude in all that is

May I see you in all your people

and all their deeds

May the good, bad and ugly all be avenues that lead me closer to your grace

May I retain my Chlid-like wonder at the mystery of it all.


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Mentalist vs The witch

*** Slight spoiler alert***
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I wanted the witch to just say ,” I know Wiccans are strange but at least I’m not a Voodoo Mind doctor like a Mentalist. Now that would be crazy.”

I swear I wasn’t going to mock The Mentalist if they stayed away from using the term, ” Wicca.” If only the made the character some vague Magickal practitioner. But they had to throw Wicca’s name around as if it gave them credibility. Instead, they only proved that they can’t even bother going to Wikipedia for research.

I don’t want to waste too much time ranting about this. After all it is just a tv show. They are allowed to be as ridiculous, ignorant and unrealistic as they please.

But if they cared anything about accuracy and respect for people’s religions they would have not made these little mistakes…

1. A Pentacle does not represent Black magick ( I will save my bitching on the terms black and white magick for another day). Pentacle is a symbol of the earth and used mostly as Protection or to invoke powers of the earth. It also represents the four elements and spirit.

2. The confusion of Satanism and Wicca. If they want a Satanist make the character a Satanist. Why insult two groups by misrepresenting us? American Satanists ( from what I understand) are a rejection of Christianity and religion(rarely are they as crazy as tv portrays them either). Wiccans are Modern practitioners of *PRE* Christian beliefs. That Pre is important. We don’t worship Satan because Satan is a Christian symbol.

3. Killing spells and Negative Magick are not practiced by Wiccans. Our first law is harm none. I can’t understand why tv shows and movies don’t use magickal religions that do allow hexs. Why do they always pick us?

4. We are not all mentally disturbed.  Wicca attracts the wounded, the curious and all types of people.

5. We aren’t all nerds in cloaks ( actually words from the show). I maybe a nerd. But I don’t wear a cloak damnit!! 😛

With that said, I will still watch the mentalist. Forgive them for they know not what they do.  Plus, it is just a show. 🙂

Fighting with Father time

Don’t waste time… Live like it is your last day because it could be . This is all great advice but the flipside is you should not spend your life feeling like you are running out of time.

I am 29. If I don’t get married by the time I am thirty like I planned when I was ten years old, I am a failure.

I am 35. I will never be a broadway performer/write that novel (inset your dream) now.

I am 75. I should give up on all my plans. I can’t never finish them now.

Sure, you should embrace the shadow of time and death but with the knowledge that what is meant to be will be. I think that Americans live in denial that death can come at anytime. Yet, I also believe in miracles which can come at anytime to anyone. But the universe likes to give those miracles to the ones who work the hardest and believe in themselves.

So Please stop using time as an excuse. Take for example August Wilson who died after his last works. My Playwright teacher thought it was sad that he died when he had so much more to offer. I took it as of sign of faith. To me it was a sign that his last play was meant to be. He was not about to be taken from this life until his work is finished.

Have the faith that the universe has a plan for you and you will not be finished here until it is done.

On an less hopeful and mystical note, even if you don’t finish that lifelong goal. Living is about the adventure and the journey. If you spend your life pursuing the things that make you feel most alive than that is happiness. Doesn’t matter if you achieve them all or none, there is joy in doing your best.

Famous late Bloomers

Sit down and tell me how you feel.

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