Christianity in 10 seconds

Note: this entry is not meant to offend Christians ( some of my best friends are Christians 🙂 but it IS meant to offend those without a sense of humor.

Moving on…

With all this talk by politicians recently about America being based on Judeo-Christian values, I have taken it as my duty to help the non- Christians of the world become better Americans. So for all you who mange to make it though living in a American without knowing the basics of Christianity ( living under a rock, huh?) I offer you undemocratic people; all you need to know about Christianity.

ALL you need to know:

1. God created everything- you, me, the Earth and everything else and HE did it in 7 days.

2. Adam and Eve were the first people and We are all decedents of them.

3. Adam and Eve committed the first sin and We all must pay for that… esp. Women ( damn them!!)

4. God gave us his only son ( called Jesus Christ, i think)

5. God gave Moses Ten Commandments called The Ten Commandments, I think( something about don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery.. I can’t remember but don’t worry about that some Christians can’t remember them all either… see the daily show for evidence of that)

6. Jesus died for our sins.

7. You must accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior in order to get into heaven.

Note: If you can’t remember all this. Don’t worry, all you need to know is number 7. If you accept Jesus, you are saved even if you have done horrible things, if you accept Jesus you are going to Heaven.

In fact if you are gay and a self-righteous type says you are going to hell.. ask them ” What if I have accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, Will I go to hell then”. That will at least shut them up for awhile…

To extra items to remember for non-Christians:

If an extreme Christian verbally attacked for you because of your faith or for any reasons repeat these lines to them:

“Judge not lest ye be judged.” Matthew 7:1

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the Children of God.” Matthew 5:9

This should shut them up for a good while. And maybe they’ll realize the Loving and peaceful message of the Bible but that’s doubtful.

This has been Christianity in 10 seconds… Next segment Paganism in 5 seconds 🙂


Wish me luck in hell…


In a few minutes, the National writing contest will begin. As a participant, I will have to write 50,000 words by the end of November in order to win. Crazy, right? I know. And I just decided on my characters’ names, the title and plot like.. umm.. ten minutes ago. This is going to be a very interesting experience; either I will release some creative blocks this month or I will end up crying over my computer, swearing at myself for be an useless human who can only write 500 words in 30 days. If you haven’t noticed I’m practicing writing very wordy sentences. Anyway, they advised us to tell everyone we can about being in this contest as it will encourage us not to quit. So since I need all the help I can to leave the world of procrastination: wish me luck and pray for me as I take the leap into writers’ hell…

Burma hungry strike…

The video is from a hungry strike for Burma that I was a part of  on Oct 7. The footage was taken by my camera but the majority of this was filmed by someone except for the first two or three guys talking about the event who I filmed. And I had nothing to with the song, editing or end -product. With that said…

OFF the subject: JENA BOYCOTT

On Nov 2, there will be a national boycott. People of all colors and class are being asked to to refrain from buying ANYTHING as an respond to the treatment of the Jena 6.  if you are interested in boycotting I have attached the email that has be circling around about this boycott..feel free to pass this information along.



Students Challenge ban on Gothic

Source: Florida Today By Megan Down

Fifteen-year-old Amaris Mulhauser prepared for school Thursday morning
using a thick-black eyeliner to draw tear streaks dripping down her
A few hours later, she was pulled out of her Rockledge High English
class and told to go home — the second time this week — for wearing
the Gothic makeup that administrators had warned her to remove.

Brevard Public Schools’ dress code policy specifically prohibits
Gothic-style clothing or accessories, citing that such gear is tied to
“violent or death oriented themes.”

Here we go again. Another school being mean to another Pagan. How many courts battles must schools lose before they give up?

Amaris — a soft-spoken
sophomore who said she’d never been suspended and had never received a
grade lower than a C — argues she has a right to her style of dress.
She said her clothing is part of her Wiccan religion, a neo-pagan,
Earth-centered faith.

Wait…who said being Goth was a part of being a Wiccan?! Just because a lot of Wiccans are Goth, don’t make it an express of being a Wiccan ~ screams the Non-gothic Wiccan~ But whatever.. Fight for your rights, gurl! Power to the Pagan people.

Rockledge High Principal
Anthony Hines said Amaris wasn’t suspended because of her Wiccan or
Gothic associations, but because of her extreme makeup and lip ring,
which school district policy deems a safety hazard.

Wait. Maybe this isn’t a Wiccan issue..hmm

But Seriously, if it isn’t a gang symbol then who cares. Let them express themselves, you dictators ( ok, that was a little dramatic)

No other style subgroup, such as hip hop, skater or preppy, is specifically listed in the Brevard Public Schools policy.The
district entered the word “Gothic” into the dress code in reaction to
the Columbine incident, Area Superintendent Tom McIntyre said.

it or not, Columbine did change cultures at school, just as 9-11
changed our country regarding terrorism,” McIntyre said. “Our schools
look at these kinds of things much more seriously because we have seen
what the end results can be. The expectation of the administration is
to maintain a safe and orderly environment.”

Um. Tom? Yeah, all I heard is that you are discriminating based on fear. Take it to the Supreme Courts Kiddos!!

Read More of the Article…

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