Meditation goal 2: Love & Acceptation | (beta)

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If I had to describe meditation in two words it would be Love and Acceptance. There are a various amount of topics, emotions, desires and so fourth one can meditate on to get to full clarity. No matter the meditation practice it’s leading to the same place.  That place is accepting the world as is and Loving all that it entails.

The Tao te Ching states:

See the world as your self.

Have faith in the way things are

Love the world as your self;

than you can care for all things.

Yet, there are plenty of things and people in my life  I can’t Love as if they were myself. At the moment there are so many elements of my Life especially my job status and living arraignment that are hard to accept. As usual I don’t have any answers but I recall a tip that my mentor shared once.

I have no clue if he got this from someone else but he suggested when things are tough say, ” This is my Life.”  It’s great advice because no matter how much you want to run away from the present… The present moment is your life.

Even do it with people. When your mother is driving you nuts and you are wishing you were adopted say ” My mother is my life.” See how this changes how you feel about and deal with different people and situations.

It is a hard fight to accept the world as it is but the benefit is you don’t waste any of your life in denial or filled with hatred. Every moment, Every challenge, Every person, every success and every failure is your life.

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The problem with acceptance…

The problem with acceptance in meditation is most people don’t understand what they are suppose to be accepting. When I was taking Mystical classes in college, the topic of acceptance would continue to come up. Most of the students felt that being a meditation practitioner meant that you meditate on things, accept them and never do anything to change situations.

The acceptance of a person, problem or situation doesn’t mean you can’t actively try to affect change in your life. Your aim in meditation is to accept your current state. Think of it this way you have to accept that a situation has occurred before you can fix it. You also have to accept the situation for what it really is ( not the story you have created) before you know what the proper course of action is. So acceptance doesn’t mean lack of action.

It is cutting away denial so you can make the right action. Of course there will be times ( a lot of them) when you will accept that there is nothing you can do. Then you can take steps towards letting go.

A tricky  but valuable form of acceptance is tolerating other people. In order to do this you must accept that you can’t change people at all. No matter how hard you try. When you get to that understanding you have the choice of whether or not a person should be in your life. You can also chose to change your own actions to improve relationships.

Even tricker is accepting yourself at this moment. This step involves acknowledging exactly where you are in your life  and being ok with that. Being able to love yourself completely without nagging yourself about what you should be doing or have by now. Can you say to yourself, ” This is my life. This moment is my life and I accept it exactly how it is?”