Imbolc 2013: Overview of our ritual


As usual, I  prefer to not do  an elaborate or prewritten rituals. Instead we ( partner and I ) wrote a  simple outline before and memorize a few short lines.  For this ritual we did not do a traditional circle casting but we included cleansing, charging and grounding. We invoked and honored Spirit/Goddess and all the  Elements in subtle ways.

Altar:  Candles, White fabric rose petals, chamomile flowers, rosemary oil (for anointing candles) and holy water.

  • Sparkled areas and selves with holy water.
  • We lit all altar candles and then took two candles to every room, then  said, ” We enter this space with the light of fresh beginning”
  • Partner played violin as I visualized our space, minds and hearts being blessed and charged.
  • We built a fire, then as we threw sage on it we stated our intentions of cleansing, purification and celebration of  Imbolc.
  • We read poems , wrote a haiku and then put haiku to music (ukulele). We  used  the poems, haiku and music as our offering to Spirit especially virgin/maiden Goddess aspect and the young Sun King.
  • As a grounding period we ate quiche and drank  chamomile tea
  • Closed ritual.

The Imbolc List : Themes and Correspondences


Below is a quick list of themes and correspondences I found while researching and preparing for Imbolc tomorrow:

Meaning:  Imbolc” in the belly” as in the pregnancy or milk of ewes.

Names and Similar Holidays: Imbolc, Candlemas, Valentine’s day, Tibetan Chinese New year, Festival of lights,The Feast of Nut,Groundhog day,  and (Saint) Brighid’s Day.

Myths/ History/Associations: lactating ewes and lambing seasons, onset of spring,The Goddess recently gives birth, Sun King begins his return,  Sun King is playful young boy and Earth is ready to be fertilized.

God/Goddess, Spirits and important figures: Bridget,  Love Gods, Fertility Gods,Sun  King, Maiden/Virgin Goddess aspects and  Higher self.

Themes: purification, inspiration, fertility, luck, prosperity, children, baby animals, coming out of the dark, renewal, love, new beginnings

Flowers: white flowers, violets, mistletoe, bay springs,and evergreen branches.

Trees: Willow and Evergreens

Animals: groundhog, sheep, lamb and all burrowing animals.

Activities: Brighid dolls and crosses, weather divination ( such as Groundhog Day), work with Higher Self, spells for the well being of animals, rituals for luck or prosperity, candle lightening,  making fires, meditation walk in snow,dream work, creative projects, poetry, spring cleaning, and purification work.

Colors: white, pink, green, yellow and red

Foods: dairy, breads, seeds, spicy food.

Herbs, Incense, Oil or Teas: musk, cinnamon,rosemary, frankincense, sage, chamomile,and rosehip

Tarot Cards: aces, Star, High Priestess, Temperance, Queen of Wands or use your best judgement.


Wicca: A Guide for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham, page 130-131

Wicca for Life: The way of the craft from Birth to Summerland by Raymond Buckland, page 242-245

Tarot for all seasons By Christine Jette , page 69

This Week in prayer :Candlemas/Imbolc

Since, I was doing a ritual for Imbolc, I decided to use this opportunity to also write my prayer for my Applied Theology class…

On this day of Candlemas
May the union of the Divine Bride and Groom
spark hope and gratitude in us for new beginnings.
May the Sun King shine his light on our deepest fears and greatest dreams
With this wisdom we let go of all obstacles that stand in the way of our highest potential.
Purified of uncertainty, like the Virgin Goddess, may our hearts intertwine with the Spirit of Love.


In case you are curious, we ended up drawing our dreams/hopes for the future as our ritual activity. In other words, creating a” seed” to be planted in Spring season.