I dosing… two sites to check out

As I write this post I’m listening to the Idose’s Inspiration track ( to help me get the creative juices flowing for this post :P).  Idose is a website offering streams of Binaural beats for anyone to listen to for free.

This website was recommended to me by my internets obsessive boyfriend Rob. He also shared with me  a few weeks  ago an blog post titled 10 Keys to a Successful Romantic Relationship from Stepcase Lifehack blog.  The author’s  romantic suggestions in my opinion are a must read for any one in a relationship.

I also found some other gems on the blog like  Back to basics: Procrastination- The good, the bad and the ugly ( since I planned on writing this post a week ago… I really needed procrastination advice.)

Anyway, next time you are feel like procrastinating mentally exploring check out those two websites… and waste your time in a semi-productive way 🙂


Song of the wk: Jena-John Mellencamp

This isn’t exactly spiritual but it’s just too good not to share.

Note: don’t read the youtube comments on this video unless you want to cry yourself to sleep tonight ( esp. if you’re black) or you need more proof that racism still exists.


An all white jury hides the executioner’s face See how we are, me and you? Everyone here needs to know their place Let’s keep this blackbird hidden in the flue Oh oh oh Jena, Oh oh oh Jena, Oh oh oh Jena, take your nooses down So what becomes of boys that cannot think straight. Particularly those with paper bag skin. Yes sir, no sir we’ll wipe that smile right off your face. We’ve got our rules here and you must fit in. Oh oh oh Jena, Oh oh oh Jena, Oh oh oh Jena, take your nooses down. Some day some way sanity will prevail. But who knows when that day might come. A shot in the dark, well it just might find its way to the hearts of those that hold the keys to kingdom come. Oh oh oh Jena, Oh oh oh Jena, Oh oh oh Jena, take those nooses down. Oh oh hey Jena, Oh oh Jena, Oh oh Jena, take your nooses down. Take those nooses all down.