Pagans and Same sex marriage

If you believe that Same sex marriage is anti-religion and corrupts a so-called religious ceremony. You are wrong. And you forget that America has many religions who are supposed to be treated equally.

Even though there a bigots in every community. From my insider experience, I would say that Pagans tend to be pretty damn Pro Same sex marriage.

Over at Wild hunt, there is a great piece on the Pagan reaction to the end of Prop 8

Modern Pagan faiths, many of which acknowledge and solemnize same-sex marriage rites, have been on the front lines of these battles. Indeed, while mainstream coverage over same-sex marriage has largely focused on various Christian attitudes, Pagan clergy from a number of different faiths and traditions have been performing same-sex rites across the United States, and in the case of Kathryn and Jeani Kyair, were themselves legally married in California before Prop. 8 won passage in 2008.”

Generally speaking, Pagan clergy are not only willingly to officiate a Same-sex marriage, some feel that it is our constitution right to do so.

To not allow religious clergy to marry Same sex couples is simply a slap in the face to religious freedom. Those who oppose Same sex marriage on religious grounds believe that mainstream religious’ beliefs are more important than individual rights. These beliefs are also more important than the rights of other religions who have always supported these unions.

This is ridiculous because no clergy can be forced to perform a wedding. Legalizing Same sex marriage will not stop some religious dominations would refusing to do so. Their rights will remain intact. So stop shitting on ours.

It is no surprise that Pagans with be on this side of Same sex marriage debate.

Pagans, themselves have had a love/hate affair with the marriage laws in America.

Since…well you have to be ordained clergy to officiate a legal marriage. Most covens are not legal Churches.

Though there are now a few Wiccan/Pagans churches in which Pagans can get ordained. Also, many choose the online churches to get ordained. We are blessed that so many have taken the time to get “legal” so pagans can have proper weddings/handfasting.

Still, the pagan world seems to always be in conflict with a society that prefers more organized religions.

We continue to face problems in housing, family court, jobs because we are not the norm ( and we are not trying to be). We continued to be harmed by a society that claims we are immoral and therefore have no rights.

As much as not being organized bites we pagan-folk in the ass. It has taught as what discrimination feels like. And frankly not playing by the rules is still pretty damn great.

And we continue that tradition by believing it is a moral duty to support and even officiate Same sex marriages.

Some can follow their morally superior prejudice and we will continue to follow our hearts.

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Love in a Complex Cruel world

If you read my archives, it will become apparent that I love love. I believe it to be the most magickal experience.

Sticking to my obsession I have started a new blog with my Partner.

Here a taste of what is happening over there…

When You care too much/Same sex marriage:

First, some happy news: Congrats to Argentina on having their first same-sex marriage and to the happy newlyweds.
( note: post may contained heavy doses of sarcasm, self-righteousness, straight privilege and evilness)
I honestly believe that what makes me a somewhat decent human being is that I do not care * that* much about people.
It’s not that I don’t care at all, I just don’t care as much as the common American. There are a heck of a lot of Americans who spend their days worrying about who people are, what they believe, what they do and who they love.
Some of the more compassionate types go around banging their heads against the wall, praying to the spirits of No sex land because they care about the moral health of every single human being. Phew!
I don’t know how they do it. I can’t count the times I haven’t even had the energy to Pretend to care about what someone was saying. Let alone care about their soul. Truth be told, I care less about your or your soul. Or whether you are going to hell.
Besides, my own Wiccan soul is doomed. So I’ll worry about myself and you do you.
I am not completely heartless. I do care about equality for all. But really there are some selfish motives behind that. After all,equality for all means equality for me. Right?
I do care about  a person’s ability to love who they want without backlash. To be who they are without legal, physical, mental and every kind of abuse throw at them.
But this kind of compassion is weak compared to all those people whoharass work to make others *better* than they are.
Sadly, it is not in human nature to be grateful to people trying to help youconform  suffer improve. So I got a little advice for all those caring types.
You are wasting your time.
Even if you fight and succeed at promoting Un-American, Anti- civil rights, Anti- human and Anti-love laws, that dictate who marries who and who adopts who, you still are not changing anyone. You are not saving anyone.Period. They will be the same people they always were.
So instead of wasting time obsessing over other people’s life, try getting your own. Instead of caring who loves who, focus on your own relationships. Stop telling others who they should be and what they should believe. It only shows that you are uncomfortable with yourself and your faith. The really faithful help those in *actual* need and don’t pretend to be morally superior dictators.
I will leave you with a quote from Larrese at his Argentina wedding ceremony:

To all those who are afraid … those who are homophobic … I tell them, don’t worry; this doesn’t affect you,” Larrese said. “You have nothing to fear. Fear is the opposite of love. Any phobia can be cured with love. There is nothing love cannot cure.

End note: this post is not meant as a slam for people who rightful care and fight  their rights and their allies. ~