what is sacred sex to me

Sacred sex has multiple meanings depending on the context. In a strictly religious sense, it can be a term for sex magic and sex rituals including but not limited to tantra. Yet, I think sacred sex in everyday life is the ability to be fully present in acts of pleasure. Sacred sex is the realization that sex and sexuality is a spiritual endeavor. It connects us to the divine within and without. It is about honoring, appreciating and uniting with other human beings. In sacred sex, we often realize the interdependence and “oneness” of all that is. But more simply, I think the one and only rule of sacred sex is that everyone involved is” safely” enjoying themselves.


The path of pleasure

“In my belief, our pagan path is the path of pleasure, which means that it’s the path of gratitude. The essential practice of our spirituality is to appreciate all the good and beautiful things. Spirituality grows from basic theology, and our theologicial orietation is immanence. That means that we seek and find the sacred here and now, within the manifest world. From that perspective, sex is absolutely sacred, no more and no less sacred than a sunrise or a glorious piece of music, or any other beautiful experience. The idea is to be open to the beauty that surrounds us at all times, to be grateful, and to let that process gradually and gently bring us closer to the sacred.”

Judy Harrow quoted in Rites of Pleasure :Sexuality in Wicca and NeoPaganism by Jennifer Hunter