On Defining my Magick

What is my magick? I used to do a lot of spells when I was younger. Spells for love and happiness and money. But the older I  would get, the less spells I would do. Magick become less about what I could attain. Magick became about my connection with nature. I wanted mystical relationships. Marriage to the sun and moon. An affair with the waters. A deep secret friendship with the air. The earth as a my protector. Old, grumpy and wise earth. I wanted to understand how everything worked. And how I was apart of it. I did not want to create magic, I wanted to discover that I was indeed magic.

Surprise. As I got older still, magic took on a new meaning. I wanted to heal. Not with spells. They seemed too easy and fleeting. I wanted to heal people.  Heal the inner pains with hard work. By helping them see into their own hearts and minds. Helping them to see their own wisdom. Help them see they are also magic.

I wanted to heal the human relationships. I wanted to heal our relationships with nature. With creation.  I wanted to teach that we all were married to each other. Interdependent. We were all the sun, moon, earth, water.  And then I grew older and came down to earth. I wanted to  experienced the true magic of family and friends. I wanted to heal my own wounds and disconnection from loved  ones. I wanted to feel not the sun or reach the stars. I wanted to dig through the earth, pull up the dirt and find the bones, the bodies, the skeletons of my ancestors. I wanted to discover my roots.  How could I know magic if I don’t know where I come from, and  who I am.? Magic is now honoring the past, the spirits and ancestors. Seeing and receiving their healing messages. Passing on what I learn.  So that many other people can take this journey into magic too.


Imbolc 2013: Overview of our ritual


As usual, I  prefer to not do  an elaborate or prewritten rituals. Instead we ( partner and I ) wrote a  simple outline before and memorize a few short lines.  For this ritual we did not do a traditional circle casting but we included cleansing, charging and grounding. We invoked and honored Spirit/Goddess and all the  Elements in subtle ways.

Altar:  Candles, White fabric rose petals, chamomile flowers, rosemary oil (for anointing candles) and holy water.

  • Sparkled areas and selves with holy water.
  • We lit all altar candles and then took two candles to every room, then  said, ” We enter this space with the light of fresh beginning”
  • Partner played violin as I visualized our space, minds and hearts being blessed and charged.
  • We built a fire, then as we threw sage on it we stated our intentions of cleansing, purification and celebration of  Imbolc.
  • We read poems , wrote a haiku and then put haiku to music (ukulele). We  used  the poems, haiku and music as our offering to Spirit especially virgin/maiden Goddess aspect and the young Sun King.
  • As a grounding period we ate quiche and drank  chamomile tea
  • Closed ritual.

Black seeds

A crosspost with my another blog:The black seed.

The title of the blog comes from a Buddhist slogan: Cultivate the white seeds not the black ones. While I am quite aware that the intention of this expression has nothing to do with race. It is about cultivating positive attributes, thoughts, deeds,etc. However, when the professor offered this expression there was an awkward silence which she quickly filled by explaining exactly what the phrase meant. This did not stop my “friend” from looking at me with a pouty face as if to say ” sorry that you are a bad seed. Better luck next time.” Whether consciously or unconsciously religious sayings such as this one cultivates colorism. Dark is bad. Light is Good.

In the United States, color matters and there is no escaping that. Here, Black means bad or wrong and white is always right and pure.

One of my biggest pet peeves is religious expressions that uphold these ideas of Black as a negative. My mother has a problem with the “white as snow” metaphors in the bible. While I as a Black Neopagan can not stand terms like black magick / white magick or even worst is the Black witch/White witch bs. So, I can’t say I am a Black Witch without people thinking I am “evils” instead of just stating my race and faith…

I appreciate that Wiccans like Starhawk and many others have rejected these terms for various reasons.

Other than the racial implications, it is simply not a part of Wiccan philosophy to regard Black or dark as bad. Wiccans cast spells using all colors from light to dark. A Wiccan worships a Goddess whose common form is the Moon. The Moon Goddess is a Dark Goddess. She is the night and the darkness within us all. She is also the Earth Goddess that has deep dirty dark roots. In Wicca, the light and dark are equals and the mother loves both her dark and light seeds.

If only, all faiths can embrace the darkness and blackness. Escape the fear of the different, the unknown, the shadow and blackness.

In fact, We should all cultivate our black seeds…