Active Meditation…


I just finished a novel writing contest on the 1st. That’s mainly the reason why I hadn’t much time for blogging. I still have not recovered for the sore  wrist and fingers from having to write a novel in a month.

But I wanted to write a quick post raving about the benefits of writing and similar hobbies. Writing is really meditation in motion. When I was writing I was not able to think about other things. Even if I was stressing about a line or scene at the very least my mind was only on the page.

Sure, there were moments when I drifted off but then I would have to stop writing. I could not do both a the same time. It was a honesty check…If Iwasn’t in the moment ( or in the story) it was obvious. I had to let go of the other thoughts and return to the page.

This is also true of other hobbies I have like working in gimp ( like photoshop). When I am working on some small design detail everything else in the world disappears.

So, I suggest If you don’t already have one.. Find an interest that feels like active meditation to you.